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Unrestricted Grant Recipients - 2007

The Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area announces the 2007 Unrestricted Grant Award Recipients

On December 3, 2007, the Board of Directors of The Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area approved the awarding of 32 grants totaling $373,000.00 to deserving area agencies. These agencies are meeting pressing and changing community needs and are improving the quality of life for the individuals they serve. These distributions come from the Foundation's Unrestricted Fund, which is primarily supported by the Augusta National Golf Club. Donations to the Foundation's Unrestricted Fund have no restrictions as to how they are to be used. The Foundation feels very fortunate to have donors give to the Unrestricted Fund. These funds give the Foundation the greatest flexibility in making grants to address the most pressing needs in the contiguous counties of Richmond, Columbia, Burke, McDuffie, Aiken and Edgefield. The Foundation uses a spending rule formula that ensures that the Unrestricted Grants Program will continue for years to come.

This years program brought sixteen community volunteer panels consisting of 117 area leaders. These volunteer panels assisted the Foundation in the review & analysis of the applications and the award recommendations. The Community Foundation is also pleased to announce that these grants are in addition to the Foundation's individual Donor Advised Grants. Since The Community Foundation was formed in 1995, it has made 2,555 Donor Advised Grants totaling $15,111,382.46. The 2007 Unrestricted Grants will bring the total number of Unrestricted Grants to 257 totaling $2,566,453.41. This brings the grand total of all grants combined since 1996 to 2,812 totaling an astounding $17,677,835.87!

The 2007 Unrestricted Fund grant award recipients are as follows:

100 Black Men of Augusta
A $12,000.00 grant to assist with the operation and implementation of the Saturday Academy, which includes a mentoring program for youth and their parents.

Aiken County Help Line
CSRA Community Voice Mail System Manager

A $6,600.00 grant to provide phoneless individuals in Edgefield County free voicemail service through a partnership with social service agencies in Edgefield.

Aiken Families in Transition
A $10,000.00 grant to expand the operating budget for staffing, counseling and classes so that supervised visitations and exchanges among children and their parents remains child focused, safe and stress-free.

Alabaster House, Inc.
A $15,000.00 grant to purchase two seven passenger vans to transport clients so that they may look for jobs, go on interviews, find housing, and participate in the Life Skills program.

The Art Factory, Inc.
A $10,000.00 grant to provide fine arts instruction for students at Monte Sano Elementary in building and playing large-scale musical instruments installed at Pendleton King Park to create a Children's Musical Garden.

The Augusta Technical College Foundation
A $10,000.00 grant to fund toolbox scholarships, which fund textbooks and other professional tools required for a particular area of study, to needy students pursuing a technical education at Augusta Technical College.

The Berry Center
A $15,000.00 grant to provide a safe and private recreational area equipped for handicapped clients to exercise.

Center for New Beginnings
A $10,000.00 grant to provide regular & intensive support to families of children with special needs and to provide individual and small group counseling services for children with special needs.

Child Enrichment, Inc.
A $10,000.00 grant to continue providing counseling, advocacy and forensic interview services for sexually abused children.

Christ Community Health Services Augusta, Inc.
A $15,000.00 grant for the purchase of an Electronic Medical Record system along with necessary equipment and training to maximize its usefulness so that affordable quality primary healthcare is provided to the underserved of Augusta.

Easter Seals East Georgia
A $10,000.00 grant to provide transitional services to special education students and students with autism in Richmond and Columbia counties.

Free Medical Clinic of Aiken County
A $15,000.00 grant to resume the Diabetes Treatment and Education Program as a component of the existing mission of providing no-cost healthcare to needy residents.

Full Circle Refuge, Inc.
A $10,000.00 grant to support the Gang Awareness Prevention Education and Intervention Program, which educates the public about gangs and provides one-on-one gang intervention & counseling.

Girls Incorporated of the CSRA
An $8,000.00 grant to provide a program for children in the community to help fight against childhood obesity.

Gospel Water Branch Elderly Housing
A $10,000.00 grant to secure equipment, staff and training for recreational therapy for elderly residents.

Greater Augusta Arts Council
A $15,000.00 grant to create ticketstage locations, which will be part of a new "one-stop-shopping" project to make it easier for consumers to purchase tickets, hotel and travel accommodations when visiting Augusta.

Historic Augusta, Inc.
A $10,000.00 grant to pay the salary and benefits of an additional staff person; for computer equipment and software directly related to providing field services for historic property owners in Augusta; for publications that are necessary to provide in-field service delivery; and for communication equipment directly related to providing field services through the program Partners in the Field.

The Imperial Community Theatre, Inc.
A $10,000.00 grant for the production of the 2008 Southern Fried Flicks program and for the new arts education initiative, "interact!" which provides interactive performing arts programs targeting middle and high school students within underserved communities through a partnership with Storyland Theatre.

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Augusta, Inc.
A $15,000.00 grant for operations of the Day Center, the Children's Day Shelter and the Transitional Housing Program.

Julie's House, Inc.
A $14,400.00 grant to provide safe housing through the purchase of a house for women with children who are homeless and/or victims of domestic violence to stay while transitioning.

Kids Restart, Inc.
A $15,000.00 grant to help fund the reunification efforts in the form of supervised visitations, parenting classes and family enrichment activities.

MACH Academy, Inc.
A $15,000.00 grant for scholarship assistance for 50 participants in the Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds project, which offers support and encouragement of academics and social & personal growth of disadvantaged and underserved participants.

Medical College of Georgia Foundation
A $10,000.00 grant to enhance children's mental health services provided by the Healthy Grandparent Program, which empowers grandparents to make a direct, positive impact on children's development and well-being.

National Science Center, Inc.
A $15,000.00 grant to support the continued operation of the Teacher Resource Center at Fort Discovery through the purchase of new science and math kits based on new standards, through the publishing of a catalog referencing standards met by kits at the resource center and through training sessions on kits.

New Bethlehem Community Center, Inc.
A $15,000.00 grant to provide services and programs for those who cannot reasonably be expected to provide for themselves, to uplift and enhance the skills of those who can provide for themselves and to enrich families so that children will have the opportunity to reach their optimal level of growth.

Public Education Partners
A $10,000.00 grant to implement a hands-on math/science/technology lab for the 600 students of North Augusta Middle School.

Safe Homes of Augusta
A $15,000.00 grant to support victims of domestic violence as they transition from victim to survivor through a program designed to help victims develop marketable skills to obtain employment, resulting in the victim being stronger and less likely to return to an abusive situation.

Shiloh Comprehensive Community Center
A $10,000.00 grant to provide financial assistance and cost deferment associated with "Project YES," a community initiative program for underprivileged youth.

Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy
A $10,000.00 grant for program development and monitoring tools for the after-school science programs, which allow students to explore and learn about watersheds, creeks & streams, ponds, swamps and upland habitats.

Storyland Theatre
A $7,000.00 grant to help pay the production costs of an original play, The Enchanted Well or an original musical, The Princess and the Pea.

University Health Care Foundation
A $10,000.00 grant to provide speech/language sessions for 20 to 40 children who have chronic conditions such as autism spectrum disorder and who would be denied therapy or would receive very limited therapy through Medicaid.

Walton Options for Independent Living, Inc.
A $10,000.00 grant to create a program that provides employment training and opportunity to persons with disabilities through recycling and reusing durable medical equipment and provides people with disabilities the opportunity to obtain clean and refurbished medical equipment or the ability to repair their current equipment, which they might not otherwise be able to afford.

The Community Foundation's unrestricted grant making focuses on Arts/Cultural; Civic Affairs; Community Development; Education; Environmental Services; Human Services; Health; and Children/Youth/Family Services.

If you would like additional information regarding these awards or additional information about The Community Foundation, please contact The Community Foundation at 706-724-1314.

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